Thursday, March 8, 2012

Love you forever

Before I had Andrea, I didn't know anything about children's books. And even after I had her, my knowledge is very, very limited and I only find out which books are good for toddlers through reading other mom's blogs.

This is how I found out about Robert Munsch's "Love you forever" book. It's about a mom who sings this song to her baby from the time he was born, until he grows up into a man with his own family.

"I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always, ..."

I bought it for Andrea and after reading it for the first time, I was teary-eyed. We have been reading it for a few weeks and now, when I say, "I'll love you forever, Andi", she replies with "I love you ever-ever, Mommy!".

Aaaaawwww... totally worth the fact that I have to read 5-6 books for her every night before she gets drowsy.

This layout is part of theStudio's Clutter It Challenge for March (linked to related forum, in case you want to participate too). We were given this basic page to work with:

And then I used elements from theStudio's free welcome kit, Renew (yeah, you get a free mega kit just for signing up! How great is that right?), to 'clutter' my page.

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