Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's a beautiful day!

Errr... ok, not really. It's raining and after spending a long time blow drying my hair, it ended up all frizzy so I had to tie it in a pony tail. Add that to the fact that my 2-year-old daughter hid my eyeglasses last night and refuses to tell me where it is! I looked everywhere, including all her common hiding places.


But otherwise, yeah, it is a beautiful day today because... after a year of thinking that all my 2007 photos are gone due to a hard drive crash, I was finally able to retrieve them from a back-up CD!!! Yay!!! My old laptop, old desktop, and my laptop at home can not read that CD and I thought it was corrupted but I refused to get rid of it hoping, hoping, HOPING, that something can still be done about it. Then last weekend, I realized that I haven't tried accessing that CD from my office laptop yet and what do you know? It opened! I had to stifle a little scream. I was so happy.

I chose one of the photos I took from our vacation in 2007 for my layout today.

"Beautiful Day"

This is my niece and the photo was taken at a Durian farm in South Cotabato, Philippines. Aaaawww... she was still so small here. She's already 7 years old now and she is Andrea's all-time idol.

This layout was created as part of Coolscrapdigital's Color Challenge for March. We were given this kit to work with:

Grey Mini from Jessica's Sweet Nothings

And also this color palette from Design Seeds:

If you want to join the challenge, visit the forums here.

I hope you all a beautiful day!


Diane Writes said...

Gusto ko sumali, pero wala akong talent :) nahihiya ako

Anyway, natawa ako dun sa ginawa ni Andrea. She refuse to tell where she hid your eyeglasses. Magaling na bata! hahahahaha

Deepthi said...

Your daughter is toooo cute... and the layout you have done is just perfect!!
Have liked your FB page....