Monday, March 12, 2012

Daydreaming and A Garden Walk

Depression has it's uses. I have noticed that some people (me included) are more creative when they are depressed. Probably all those surging emotions. Drama usually happens when you're sad, after all.  

I posted a while back that I think I'm going through mid-life crisis... I deleted that post because, I'm not really comfortable sharing my angst for all the web to see :) I posted that in a moment of weakness. But yeah... I've been suffering from depression attacks since January, which is part of the reason why I lost my crafting mojo. I found a new outlet in digital scrapbooking, though. It's my new passion. Which reminds me that I have a backlog of kits I have to make layouts for!

I was able to finish 2 layouts from this kit last week (thank you, depression!).

A Garden Walk
This is my daughter (2 years old) with her cousin (7 years old). Witnessing hero worship in kids is really adorable, and my daughter is absolutely in awe of her older cousin. They see each other only once of twice a year because my niece lives in the southern part of the Philippines. But Andrea asks about her "Ate" (a term we use to refer to older females here in the Philippines) all the time.

The second layout:

That's me on my wedding day. My bouquet just matches the color scheme perfectly I decided to use it.

I have a couple more beautiful kits I'm so excited to use! Can't wait to share the layouts with you after I finish.

Hope you all have a great week!


Diane Writes said...

Hi Janelle.. I don't know if this could perk you up but I owe you some of the happiness I found in blogging. You are actually one of those I considered true blog friends.

Just continue your passion and I'm sure happiness will soon find you.

Agy said...

Hi Janelle,
I love that second pic with you in it. I hope you're feeling a lot better. Surround yourself with those who love and support you :-) Hugs!