Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm on Facebook! (and other announcements)

Finally! I managed to get around to setting up a Facebook page for my blog. I'm feeling a little lonely over there though, so would you like to join me? 

And please don't forget to click 'Like'! :)

Anyway, notice anything else that's new? Yeah! I updated my banner... AGAIN! I've been pretty hooked on digital scrapbooking lately and on the forums I join, I use another logo. It doesn't make sense to use more than one logo so I decided to use the one I've been using recently. I also updated my blog button. The color scheme seems a little off from the rest of my blog (new logo and banner has more black in it) so I will need to update my blog design too. That will have to wait until next week.

Speaking of forums, I noticed that some forum members have really cool signature images. I tried to make one for me. This is the first design I came up with:

Elements from Molemina's "For You" kit.

I love it! But for some reason, it doesn't really look like me. So today I decided to try again.

What do you think? I like the second one better so I am now using this as my signature. 

Aside from Facebook, I also added links to all the forums/galleries I belong to on my right side bar. If you get the chance to visit, please stop by my page and say "hi!".

Also on my right side bar, you might have noticed that little blinkie that says I am now designing for Kaklei Designs.  I couldn't believe it when she asked me! I haven't really done any designs for her yet but I can't wait to start! This must be the most exciting news I received since I started digital scrapbooking.

Anyway, I'm working on a couple of layouts today and this weekend. Setting up that Facebook page took me a while so I didn't get to finish anything. Hope to see all again on Monday and have a great weekend!


Divya N said...

Love your new blog button...its very cute..just a suggestion for your header...the paper clip effect is good but you can make it more pronounced by doing that double beveled line (like the one around your button) to get a coordinated feel. It will give an embossed look and will visually reduce the black area

Diane Writes said...

Restless ka na din... But I love that you are venturing to a new interest. I love the second one. KAsi tama ka, mas fitted sa personality mo. I liked your page already :) You know me naman, I am a fan :D

yaga said...

Janelle, so much good news in one post! Congratulations, and I really like your new banner and button!

See you on facebook then!