Friday, March 23, 2012

Drawing on Android

I can't draw. That much is fact. 

Case in point... I was drawing with my 2-year-old daughter a few weeks ago and she asked me to draw an apple. After drawing what I thought was a traditional-looking-toddler-book apple, I showed it to her and asked her what it is. She looked at me blankly. Only after I told her that it was an apple that she smiled at me and said "Apple, mommy!!!". She was probably only trying to make me feel better.

Both of my brothers are left-handed, and both are graphics artists. My uncle, also left-handed, works as an animator for Sony Animations and paints on an iPad. My mom, also left-handed, draws really well too. My husband, though right-handed, took 5 minutes to paint a lake scene using my daughter's cheap water color set. 

And I'm right-handed... and can't draw a decent apple. And I am developing an inferiority complex while looking at my friends' drawings on DrawSomething!!!

Anyway, I recently got an Android phone (which Andrea calls "Mommy's toy) and was downloading APKs which I thought Andrea might like to play with. This includes coloring and drawing APKs. One of this is Sketch N Paint. And what do you know??? Their brushes makes this APK easy to use! I particularly love their "Ribbon" brush. It's so... um... swirly!!!

Here are a couple of my drawings that turned out well.

My first try

Using different brushes to give texture.
Yey!!! I can draw!!! Granted those are the only 2 that turned out well... haha.


Deepthi said...

Even I have this app and I like it very much!!
Keep on trying you can do the same thing using pencil or brushes!!

Diane Writes said...

I love the second one, mukhang cartoon character na siya :)

Jill said...

Wow Janelle- you're a fabulous artist! Great drawings!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success