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Creating Success Around the World
The worldwide blog hop that introduces you to creative people from all corners of the globe.

What is 'Creating Success Around the World'?
Every Wednesday, each host will be posting an interview with a talented person from their continent who are 'creating their way to success'. The interview will be followed by a blog hop where you can join and meet other bloggers around the world..

What is a blog hop?
A blog hop is a link party where you can link your blog and visit other people who have also linked up their blogs. It's a way to meet other creative bloggers and gain new followers. If you visit a link from the blog hop, and you like what you see, you can choose to follow that blog and tell the owner so they can follow you back too. 

How can I join the blog hop?
  • OPTIONAL: You can follow all the hosts so you will be updated every time a Creating Success Around the World post is published and look for the blog hop link party at the bottom of each post. These posts are scheduled every Wednesday. You can click here to access the latest post from Asia and active blog hop. 
  • OPTIONAL: You can grab our button (code is available on my side bar) and post it on your blog to remind you to check back every Wednesday for the latest interviews and blog hop Also, having the button visible on more blogs will mean more people will know more about this blog hop. More people = more potential friends for us to meet. Win win win!!! 
  • When you get to the link party... Link! Link! Link! Link your main blog address (for example:
  • Visit at least 2 other links from the blog hop (coz it won't be a blog hop if, you know... you don't hop *wink*)
  •  If you like the blog you visit, follow them! 
  • And make sure to leave them a message saying you are following from Creating Success Around the World so they will know and follow you back too. 
Who can join this blog hop?
ANYONE! Anyone with a blog that is.

Who are the hosts for Creating Success Around the World?
I thought you would never ask! Here are they are:

Make sure you visit them every Wednesday to meet their talented guests for the interview and for the link to the blog hop. Click! Click! Click!

Here are the lovely ladies from Asia I have interviewed: