Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Creating Success Around the World with Thendral of Kavin

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Today I will introduce you to Thendral of Kavin. Thendral is from India and her blog is all about her amazing embroidery, sewing and other craft projects.

[Janelle] Welcome Thendral! Before we start this interview, I want to show them first what I mean when I said you have amazing embroidery skills.

See what I mean? 

So Thendral, why don't you tell us a little something about yourself and your country?
[Thendral]: Hello, I am Thendral from India, a country which is cherished for its culture and traditions. Kavin (my blog), is the place where I share my experience with other crafty people in the world. I too learn from them. I love nature, I can spent hours together watching the sky, birds and flowers.

I have been following your blog for a while and what I love most about your work is that you are able to share a little of your culture through your style. Can you tell our readers what kind of things you like working on?
Sewing is my passion. But I do all sorts of needle works, craft works, embroidery, painting, clay modeling, recycled crafts and so on.

What made you decide to start making things?
I do crafts from my school days. I love making something unique. Crafting and sewing makes me happy.

But now at present I have a valuable reason to make things… it is my daughter, I create for her, I create with her. I am happy that I make her happy.

You have a beautiful daughter and I can tell she loves modelling your creations for you. Aside from making things for your daughter and for your home, do you sell the things you make?
No, not yet. Till now my creations are given to friends and family as gifts. I make dresses for my family. I may start a business in future.

With your talent, I'm sure this is very possible for you. Have you made mistakes during your crafting and can you share with us what you learned from them?
The lesson learned “Always be clear and take quick decisions”.  When friends keep on insisting me to start a business, I am confused whether I can balance both business and family.  If I could make it clear and quick, then I would have started my business by this time.

I can understand your concern being a mother myself. For you, what is success? And can you say that you have achieved it already?
What has happened till now is like a success for me. When my talents are recognized I feel that I have achieved something but still there is a lot to achieve.

You definitely have the potential to achieve more. So after you have reached this point with your crafting, what's next for you?
Learn new crafts, making new patterns…

Good plan, and I can't wait to see what you make next!
Thank you Janelle, Thank you Jill, Yaga, Suzy and Adepeju for hosting these interviews. I am happy to make new friends all over the world. Hope they visit me at Kavin.

Thank you for visiting us here today too Thendral!


If you want to see more of Thendral's work, you can visit her at Kavin.

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Jill said...

I see what you mean about Thendral's amazing embroidery skills! She makes such beautiful things! I'm off to visit her blog now! Thanks for introducing her to us!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Kelly @ Run With Glitter said...

What a fun interview!! Everything is just beautiful!

iram said...

how nice to know about such talented mamas from all around the world :) GO Thendral:) hugs

Suzy Myers said...

Great interview!! And her embroidery work is amazing!!


Divya N said...

Nice to see Thendral again...the name Kavin means beauty in Tamil...such a beautiful name right?!

Thendral said...

Hi Janelle, Thanks for featuring me here. I am honored and happy too...

Joni Nickrent said...

Awesome feature! Fun Stuff! Popping by from the International Blog Hop! Pop Art Minis