Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Creating Success Around the World with Lakshmi of Adithi's Amma Sews

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Today I am introducing you to Lakshmi of Adithi's Amma Sews. Adithi will be showing us her creativity from the beautiful country of India.

[Janelle] Welcome to our weekly blog hop Lakshmi! Please tell us something about yourself and a little bit about where you're from.
[Lakshmi] I am Lakshmi, alias Adithi’s Amma for those who know my blog Adithis Amma Sews. Adithi is my Daughter’s name and ‘Amma’ means mother in Tamil and I am her mom who sews! I am from India and live in Chennai, a metropolitan city and the capital of South Indian State Tamil Nadu.

I am SAHM mother of 4.5 year old little princess ‘Adithi’, a freelance fashion designer and an ex s/w engineer who quit after child birth and discovered her true passion – Sewing  and Pattern Making. I did a 6 months course on pattern making and there has been no looking back! I am here and this is where I belong!

From being a fashion nerd to someone who has enviable fashion sense now, it’s been an interesting sojourn!

Tell us what kind of sewing projects you like working on most.
Dresses and more dresses to fill the wardrobe of my darling daughter, dear sister, MIL, mother, hubby and self! 

I also dabble in paper crafts and drawing with my daughter who loves creating a mess! 

Dresses made by me range from Traditional Indian Clothing like Saree Blouses, Silk Skirt and Blouse, Salwar Kameez to Indo Western outfits like Tunic Kameez, to western outfits like Tops, Ballgowns, skirts to name a few. I have loads of tutorials (with emphasis on Indian outfits and also other indo-western and western clothing!) already on board, please do check them out!

I've been to your site and you do have a lot of detailed tutorials. I am learning a lot! Your sewing and pattern making classes definitely paid off. What inspires your creations?
Inspiration could be anything, something I just saw, it could be a flower, flowing water, my daughter’s smile, a cobweb! Anything that urges me to think of it as part of a dress or the look and feel of the dress! My project dress (during pattern making course) was born out of an idea to do eco-friendly recycled outfit – guess what I made an outfit using the advertisement pamphlets sent along with daily newspaper! I collected them for 2 months and made those Japanese fans for about a month and then assembled the dress in about 15 days!

People's creativity always amazes me. Your project is beautiful, well worth all the hours you put into it. For the other dresses that you make, do you sell them? 
I have recently starting selling kids dresses under the label Adithi’s Couture. The idea is to make custom made outfits for tiny tots!

Being a mother myself, I can relate to the comfort zones sought by a child and the likes and dislikes of a pampered little princess! Currently it is an Online Couture Boutique, in future plan to have a boutique in my place!

How is this venture going?
Well I can’t say much as of now, as I have had only few sales so far, but as and when business expands, then I can work upon the logistics! As of now, I view this as a medium to satisfy my creative desires and chance to emulate my vision into real life outfits! Since my DD’s wardrobe is already full and brimming, this gives me an opportunity to dress up few more lovely daughters of proud mothers out there!

I can see you're already on your way to having that boutique, being a talented seamstress and all.  Can you share with us some lessons you have learned in your sewing?
Every day there is something new to learn, initially sewing was the part wherein I was learning a lot, now with practice sewing is far more easier and professional. I am learning new things about pattern making every day as I envision a new idea for the dress! Mistakes made are so many to be listed out, the most common being placing RS to WS of fabric (well it does happen with some tricky fabrics!), lesson learnt is spend more time on placing pattern and cutting and make sure it is alright before you get on with sewing, coz you all know ripping up the seam is the most painful process for a sewist!

I make that mistake a lot too! It's so inspiring to know that someone as talented as you makes the same mistakes we do. Since this blog hop is all about creating success... can you tell us what success means to you?
Success as a dress designer to me is to see a satisfied customer flaunting your design! I can say I have as my most strong critic (my sister) has come about to compliment the dress I made for her! That gave me more confidence! As they say success or failure is not here to stay, they keep moving, so you have to keep moving as well!

Well said! So do you have any other future plans?
Currently having a Sew Skirt September as a month long celebration of skirts, where, starting my basic skirt we are delving deep into deconstructing as many styles as possible!

Plan to add more such monthly celebrations/weekly celebrations on my blog, highlighting a particular style of outfit, sewing or the works, to keep my readers interested and help them gain more information on the related topic.

Also plan to launch Couture line for Women in near future!

It looks like we have lot to look forward to at Adithi's Amma Sews! Thank you so much again for visiting us today Lakshmi!


If you want to see more of Lakshmi's work, you can visit her at Adithi's Amma Sews

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Diane Writes said...

This is what I love about India. The colors, culture and creativity make anyone feel so amazed and alive.

dollystar said...

Lovely this interview, I love everything that refers to the Indies, particularly silks and embroidery, mirror ... that such SISH expand in another interview about the embroidery ?????
Congratulations, Dolly

CreativeMama said...

Thanks Janelle for having me here! I am honored!

Thanks Diane!

Obrigado Dolly!

Divya N said...

Third chennaite featured on this blog hop...Chennai sure seems to rock...Lakshmi your blog name brought back so many childhood memories esp when moms would be called by their children's' names :)

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