Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Creating Success Around the World with Bimbi of Apuu Handmade

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Our guest today is Bimbi of Apuu Handmade. Bimbi will be sharing her creativity with us from Indonesia.

[Janelle] Welcome to Creating Success Around the World Bimbi! So glad to have you here today! Tell us about yourself and your country.
[Bimbi]  Hi! My name is Bimbi, I’m a mother of two lovely kids (Aza and Daffy), a wife of one, breathing-living-crafting in Tangerang, Indonesia. I grew up with NO interest about sewing-crochet-stitching-anything crafty, until I was pregnant with Daffy back in 2008, I craved for a SEWING machine (GULP), so I bought it and can't stop sewing-making-crafting since :)

You have a lovely family. And your sewing projects did catch my eye when I was visiting your blog. Your blog has an interesting name. Apuu... what does it mean?
The name 'Apuu' came up from how Daffy called cats around our house, I think it was cute and I fell in love with sewing and all crafty things when I was having him in my belly, that’s how Apuu Handmade came up.

That is so cute! :) Tell us about Indonesia Bimbi.
Indonesia is a big tropical country, it has many islands, consists of distinct ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups. It has a very rich natural resources and cultures (art, craft, food, traditions, etc), at the moment Indonesia has the biggest Moslem population in the world, but we are not a country based on religion, we are a Republic. Our national motto is “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" ("Unity in Diversity" literally, "many, yet one"), articulates the diversity that shapes the country. I hope for more development in Indonesia especially for small cities to reduce the poverty.

What kind of crafts do you like working on?
I like working on different projects, because I can learn more and add more experience in my journey in the world of craft, let see…The first project I made after I bought my sewing machine is a quilt for Aza.

After that I made the hanging bed organizer, I really enjoy stitching and watch the whole picture comes together.

Next are bags, from totes to pouches. Clothes are also on my list. And other things are coming along.

Not long after that I fell in love with crochet, I took crochet classes and become attached with yarns (when I can’t sleep - I crochet, it really do wonders to calm my brain).

Recently I enjoy painting/drawing on fabrics, I found it very relaxing and it made me happy.

I don’t know what will come up next, following my love to craft has lead me here, I can’t complain :)

That is a LOT! You definitely have a lot of talent. What inspires your creations?
I get my inspirations most of the time from books, blogs, magazines, TV, dreams, and my family (specially my kids).

Your kids are adorable and they always look happy modelling some of your creations :) Do you sell the things you make?
In the beginning I sew, stitch, and crochet for me and my family (kids and hubby). I made some for gift to friends and relatives. Along the way request coming thru email from here and there because they saw my craft thru my personal blog and my Facebook, so I start selling my creations early this year via  Apuu HandmadeShop on Facebook and  on my  blog Apuu Handmade.

And how is your business going? Is it profitable?
Yes, I made profit out of it so I can buy more books and fabrics to improve my skills and knowledge.

With all the different types of projects you make, what lessons have you learned that you can share with us?
I have learned that I have to use my heart & my head in my creation, giving it some Tender, Love and Care to achieve satisfying result in the end and of course A big smile on my face.

How do you define success? At this point, can you already say that you are successful?
Success for me is being honestly happy inside out. Yes I’m having it this very moment and working my very best to maintain it every single day. I am very grateful that I am able to stay at home caring and watching my kids grow, and still can find time to earn some income doing what I love from home, every single day.

So what's next for you and Apuu Handmade?
My plans in the near future are to keep creating, learning, and improve my knowledge in craft. In the long run I want to have a real shop for Apuu Handmade and my own studio – maybe when the kids are bigger and more independent, so I can have more time for my craft.

I'm sure we have a lot more to look forward to from you Bimbi! Thanks so much for joining us here today!


If you want to see more of Bimbi's work, you can visit her at Apuu Handmade

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Jill said...

Great interview! Bimbi certainly is very talented in so many different crafts! I'm going to find out more! Thanks for introducing her to us Janelle!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Divya N said...

Love all her doodling work...her kids are really lucky to have such a talented mom

Diane Writes said...

I love her crochets and the handpainted works. How cute.

I missed visiting your site btw. So many issues about work, life, etc you know ;-) Miss ko na posts mo about your crafts and Andrea

Nanachan said...

Woww..... i think bimbi a talented crafter and good mom's!
I love her work... i love crochet and i want to learn sew...:)

Nanachan said...

Woww..... i think bimbi a talented crafter and good mom's!
I love her work... i love crochet and i want to learn sew...:)