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Creating Success Around the World with Ea of Popkin Art

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My guest today is a kababayan (i.e. countryman). She is Ea from Popkin Garb and she is also from the Philippines, like me :)

[Janelle]: Welcome to Creating Success Around the World, Ea! It's so nice to have someone from my part of the world with me today. Can you tell us about yourself and our country?
Hello! I am Ea hailing from the Philippines. I’m juggling motherhood, a full-time day job, and creating artwork and hand printed clothes at the same time. I’m also a novice at being green. The Philippines is an amazing country with a very diverse culture, succulent food and very talented people.

Good move on going green. It's something we should all be thinking about. And you sound busy, but it's good that you can make time to devote to making things. So what kind of things do you like making?
I draw on shirts and bags, all of which are hand-printed by me so each print is unique. I also do ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions and Originals), which started with the Femme Collection featuring women from history, myths, and legends. Right now, I am re-acquainting myself with crochet and needlework to complement my shirts and bags.

Your drawings are beautiful! I admire people who can draw or paint because it's something I was never good at (can't draw actually). So what inspires your art? Why do you create?
I'm mostly inspired by the books I read, most of which are fantasy. Also by nature, but more on animals, which I have a huge heart for (by the way, portion of my sales are donated to PAWS). Then there's my son, he keeps me young and imaginative :) I create because I will go crazy if I didn’t! I have been drawing ever since I can remember, and taking it out of my system would literally result to me breaking down. Drawing is my pick-me-upper, my stress reliever especially in my 9.5 hour workday. It calms me and makes me happy.

I feel you about needing something to relieve the stress from work. With all the effort that goes into making these items, do you sell them?
At first, I just created some prints on shirts for fun. Then I got hooked and thought about selling them for added income. I have an Etsy store, PopkinGarb, and a blog of the same name on Blogspot. 

How is this venture going so far?
I have made a few sales locally, but none on Etsy yet.

You said you have been drawing for a long time. During all this time, what lessons have you learned?
I can say that there is no easy way in crafting. If you’re serious about it, you really have to learn the basics, then work your way from there. Also, copying is a definite no-no. You can be inspired by another’s work but it just wouldn’t be fair for the original creator if you just copy their work.

I know a lot of people will agree with you there. At this point, can you say that you have already achieved success?
Success, for me, is getting or achieving your wanted results, if not better, in a manner that would not do harm to others. Everyone has different goals and standards, and at the end of the day you’d always want to reach it. My vision of success is for others to recognize my talent. I think I’m slowly but steadily working my way to it.

You are definitely going towards it since you seem to be dedicated to your art and working hard to get there. So what can we expect from PopkinGarb in the future? Any plans?
I’m currently researching for more projects to carry out, one of them re-painting my water bottle. For PopkinGarb, I’ll be adding more assortment like canvas pouches, onesies for babies, ladies shirts, and prints for my ACEOs. Now, on to more research! 

I would love to see that water bottle when you're done. I think it's a great way to personalize an otherwise generic item. Thanks so much again for sparing some time for us today Ea!  

If you want to see more of Ea's work, you can visit her at PopkinGarb.

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Jill said...

great interview with Ea! She really is a talented artist! Thanks for introducing us to her - I'm off to her blog now!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

CreativeMama said...

Thanks for hosting!

Thanks for the invite for being interviewed! I have mailed you the Interview Doc! Thanks for the opportunity!

Adithi's Amma from Adithi's Amma Sews

yaga said...

Wow, her paintings are beautiful! Such a talented lady! I'm off to see her blog ;o)

Divya N said...

Her work is really to visit her now

Pam said...

Hi Janelle, Ea is a talented artist. I enjoyed reading your interview. I'm now following your great blog via Creating Success Around the World.