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Creating Success Around the World with Agy of Green Issues Singapore

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Today's blog hop is a little special. Instead of your usual hosts, we asked some of our previous guests to co-host the blog hop with us! After reading about our guest today, scroll down to check out the previous guests from Asia showcasing their talent and creativity.


Our guest today is Agy from Green Issues Singapore

[Janelle] Agy was one of the many talented ladies we me through our blog hop. Welcome to Creating Success Around the World Agy! Can you tell us something about yourself and Green Issues Singapore?
[Agy] I started Green Issues with a friend in 2008. We are both working mums and my friend found that there weren't many environmental blogs in Singapore especially when it impacts our little ones. I usually blog about green happenings in Singapore, sometimes in the world, my take on the green things, and lately, I've been blogging about recycling and reconstructing clothes/crafts. 

I'm Chinese, but I've lived in in three countries, having been born and raised in the UK, raised and worked in Hong Kong, and now living in Singapore. 

I've been in Singapore for more than 10 years now! Hubs and I came over here literally with 2 suitcases.  We now have one little boy who won't be little anymore (he starts primary school next year. I think I'm more anxious than him about that!!), a lovely home and lots of good friends. We'll definitely be around for a long time.

It sounds like you have a good life in Singapore already. Tell us more about Singapore.
Singapore lies on the equator so we don't have the seasons that are associated with Europe or North America. It's hot, hot, and hot!  But we do get dry and wet seasons, so don't visit us when it's the wet season (Oct - Mar) because it can literally pour down non-stop.  We are a small island just south of Malaysia and you can drive from east to west in less than an hour.  I would say that Singapore is a melting pot of cultures. We have Chinese, Malay, Indian, Filipino and Indonesians all living together. Our official languages are English, Chinese (Mandarin), Malay and Tamil.

Let's talk about your projects. What kind of projects do you like working on?
I love making crafts out of recycleables and old clothes. I also like doing such crafts with my son because I would like him to be part of the process! 

I believe in only buying clothes when you have exhausted all means with your old wardrobe. I think I'm quite lucky to live in a hot climate because that means I don't have to buy two sets of clothing!  The project I'm the proudest of is the Chinese New Year craft from coat hangers and an old t-shirt, and the latest one I made was a wristlet from old jeans. 

I'm currently working on a halloween costume for my son :-) 

I feel guilty... I've been busy with work lately I actually went out and bought a costume for my daughter instead of making one :-/ But anyway, I do love that wristlet project of yours! What inspires your creations?  
Inspiration comes from making observations in everyday things in life. Inspiration can even come from the smallest of things too. Sometimes, I find that we are too busy and rushing everywhere that we forget to stop and just observe!

Do you sell your creations?
No, I don't sell my creations. They're all of personal use, and sometimes I give them away to friends.

What mistakes have you made in your crafting and what lessons have you learned from them?
1)  To always clean your sewing machine. My machine has jammed at critical moments in my creations! So, always clean after a major project, or even better, every week.  Also, cover your sewing machine and don't store it in a humid area. 2) To plan carefully!! I got carried away with a reconstruction before and it turned out all wrong - it didn't fit!!

Ummm.. that last one sounds so much like me. Tell us, how do you define success? At this point, can you say that you have achieved it already?
I actually don't know - is this good or bad?  I suppose it would be to be happy with what you have and not to be greedy expecting and wanting more.

So what's next for you and Green Issues Singapore Agy? Any future plans? 
To improve my sewing, photoshop and blog layout skills!!!

Sounds good! I should put those on my list too. Thanks so much for joining us here today Agy!


If you want to see more of Agy's work, you can visit her at Green Issue Singapore

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Jill said...

Great interview Janelle! Agy sounds quite amazing and I can't wait to check out her blog and all her upcycling and recycling projects! Thanks for introducing her to us!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Divya N said...

Agy's recycled stuff is really great....and thanks a lot for linking my blog up..:)
PS: the blog hop banner from the code seems to have been moved...the banner is not visible on my page when I put it up...plz check

Adithi's Amma said...

Thanks Janelle for introducing Agy to me, i am off to check her blog.

Linked up my post wherein Creating Success Around World Hop button has been added. It actually has a poll, please chose your favorite out of 9 new outfits i had sewn for my Darling Daughter, this Navarathri!

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Agy said...

Hi Janelle, thanks for featuring me!