Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Creating Success Around the World with Imelda of Sew Stories

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Our guest for today is Imelda of Sew Stories. Imelda is visiting us today from Indonesia.

[Janelle]: Thanks so much for taking the time to join us here today Imelda. Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little something about your country?
[Imelda]:  Hi! I come from Indonesia, the tropical country that is rich in its culture and ethnic diversity. Recently I just quit from the company where I worked. My last job was to supervise and to do creative directing to several designers in my department. But I have drooled for quite some time when I see other crafter around the world creating what they love and start to promised myself that one day I will have my own craft store.

No wonder the photos on your blog are always so nice too, you work in a creative department.  And your projects too! I love your fabric combinations. Always so pretty! Can you tell us what kind of things you like making?
I like to make bags, clutch, travel wallet, wallet and other related stuffs :D Since I have a little bit design background from school, I really pay attention to details in my work. And I also teach all my assistants to put quality over everything. It’s like every piece is our baby.

Aside from making pretty things, your commitment to quality is admirable. Can you tell us what inspires your creations?
Because I love when people like my creation, or they are satisfied with the items they bought or they come and buy more. I love to see them happy actually, that’s why quality and their satisfaction are my priorities

So you sell your creations? Where can people check out your products?
Yes I do... I sell them mostly from Facebook (Sew Stories on Facebook). I think for somebody like me, who is lousy to promote their own work, Facebook is the most effective way. I just put my work there, and people will start to order.

That is a good strategy. What mistakes have you made or lessons you have learned in your crafting?
I have learned a lot. Since I am also a newbie in this craft world, mistakes are always happens of course. But thank God for all the generous sewer around the internet that give us such a great tutorial, I learned a lot from them.

I am addicted to online tutorials myself. There a lot of great ideas floating out there in blog land.  Let’s talk about success. What, to you is success? At this point, can you say you have achieved it already?

My personal meaning of success might be different from others, but when achieve success, you will know it. It’s kind of a deep feeling inside you that you, your life, your work are all in harmony. I love to see my life right now, not that this will going smooth forever, but to create and to see people love my creation is a very nice feeling to have. And now im still in that moment... and will strive to do my best. I still have so many dreams not yet achieved but it’s on their way I hope :)

I love that we get to see success from different perspectives in these interviews. And your definition is beautiful. I like to think I’m on way to achieve harmony in the different aspects of my life too. So what's next for you and Sew Stories, Imelda?
I will learn to manage my time for everything… Find more great assistant and let the business grow bigger and better. To open my offline store here and there and everywhere :) Seems that it will require lots of hard work, wish us luck!

I’m sure we all do Imelda! I would love to see your store here in my country in the future. That would save me a lot on international shipping. Thanks so much again for being here with us today! We hope to see more of your beautiful work on Sew Stories.

If you want to see more of Imelda's work, you can visit her at Sew Stories.

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Jill said...

Thanks for introducing us to Imelda! Her work looks beautiful! I'm off to check out more about her right now!

Thanks Janelle!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Diane Writes said...

Janelle! Ang cute ng wallets niya I super love the designs. Thanks for featuring her. I'll check out her Fb page. :)

Divya N said...

very neat and clean to check out her FB page

sew stories said...

hello Janelle...thank you so much for this opportunity . love to know all the craft lovers around the world.

Thendral said...

very cute work. Thank you for introducing Imelda.

india said...

omg I want I want I want!!! Her creations are so Indie I cant stand it. Oh I'm a new follower by the way. Your blog is so pristine... and pink. I dont want to touch anything. lol

kuwacikecil said...

she is my friend!!! yeiiiyy!! thanks for doing this! ;D

hugs from indonesia!

Chesiria Tattia said...

i know imel..she's a friend of mine..we met at a craft community, though i'm also a newbie in this world.

she's super creative and her works are super gorgeous.

big hugs from indonesia..:)