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Creating Success Around the World with Ces of Mom Daughter Style

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Today we have Ces from Mom Daughter Style. Ces hails from the Philippines... 

... but now makes her home in Hawaii.

[Janelle]: Welcome to our weekly blog hop Ces! Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about your home.
[Ces]: I'm Ces, I blog at Mom Daughter Style and Mom Daughter Reviews. I am an amateur crafter, and a mom to a two year old daughter. I'm originally from the Philippines and now I live in the Aloha State of Hawaii. 

Hawaii is a part of the United States but it is far from the mainland. We have to fly about 5 to 6 hours to reach the continental US so I would focus on the state of Hawaii. It is a beautiful place with lots of beaches and the weather is great.  It consists of eight major islands. I like it here because I feel that I belong here with lots of Asian people like me. The cost of living is high here especially in Honolulu but we try to find ways to save by being frugal.

Crafting or DIY project is a great way to save money. What kind of craft projects do you like to make?
I am trying to make fabric projects at this time. I make fabric hair clips, brooches and now I make dresses for my daughter out of old clothes. I also made other type of crafts like holiday decorations, jewelry organizer etc.  My crafts are very easy, most people can do them. I struggle in using my sewing machine, I am no expert but I enjoy crafting.  I am able to recycle our old clothes and make something useful out of them.

You sound like me with my sewing machine. But don't worry, we will get better with more practice. Your sewing projects are adorable though. What inspires your projects?
I have many inspirations like crafty blogs, online stores, things around me and my family. I love looking at craft photos where people make items more personalized.

Do you sell the things you make?
Yes, I sell my flower hair clips at a consignment store and I also sell directly. I would say that it is more of a hobby rather than making profits.  Maybe one of these days, I will open an Etsy store.  It’s just that I’m busy around the house (with a toddler) and with my blogs.

What lessons have you learned from crafting?
I learned that there is a lot of trial and error. I like to try new crafts and there are times when the outcome is different than what I originally expected.  I think I also learned that in crafting it is better if you can buy the materials in bulk so you can save money.

That's a good tip. How do you define success? Can you already say that you are successful?
For me success is relative to happiness. I am happy now with my life so I consider myself successful.  The month of August is also the first month that I officially became a stay at home mom and so far, so good.

That's good to hear! So what's next for you Ces? Any other future plans?
I plan to make more crafts mainly for personal use and for my daughter but I’m very open to the idea to market what I make. I also hope to get better in crafting and share them with my readers and in blog hops like Creating Success Around the World.

For my blog, I hope the review offers keep on coming.  My main blog Mom Daughter Style is “all-around” and I plan to keep it that way.  I still have to fix it like place tags on the posts, make a nicer header and have a better format but I try not to pressure myself. I’ll do those when I have time. 

Thanks so much again for spending some time with us today Ces!
Thank you very much for this feature. I will take this opportunity to promote my blogs Mom Daughter Style and Mom Daughter Reviews. I am also on Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to see more of Ces's work, you can visit her at Mom Daughter Style and Mom Daughter Reviews.

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