Friday, February 24, 2012

Free Quick Page: Sweetness

I participated in another contest yet again at Coolscrapsdigital, the QP Contest for February.

For this contest, we were given this kit:

The task is to create a Quick Page freebie from the elements of this kit only. And here is my Quick Page.

There are a lot of other really pretty Quick Page templates on the forums, in case you're interested.

Now that that's over and done with... I want to share something that dissipated all negative energy that has been surrounding me for the past weeks. And here it is... Today, I was able to fit in my pre-maternity jeans again. YES!!! After 2 years!!! A couple of friends asked me if I lost weight, and though I doubted it, I decided to try some of my old jeans last night when I got home to check. I was in a mild state of shock when I was actually able to close the button.

Anyway, that's it for this week for me. I have to do general cleaning at home tomorrow... Aaarrggh! Hate it but it has to be done. Hope you guys enjoy your weekend!


Deepthi said...

Wow you have done quite a bit of work in this week...I have not been able to check out any blogs this week... All your digitaal works are looking too good... and you and your daughter are looking ummmahhh!! her hair decoration thing is soo cute, what is it? I love it...
All the best for cleaning... I do a bit of cleaning when I am sad or confused.... I can throw away things that usually I wouldnt thorw if am normal :P

Diane Writes said...

Two in a row accomplishments Janelle. You are really doing great with your digital scrapbooking. Ako naman my wish is to return to my 115 lbs. Extra challenge!!!! Congratulations! God knows how to uplift you. You see, you will find reasons to be happy. :)