Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Redesigning my Twitter

Still feeling a little out of sorts but I decided to embark on a very simple project today. I decided to redesign my Twitter background. 

Yeah, you can do that. On the Settings page, there is a 'Design' tab where you can upload a background for your Twitter page. Now figuring out what size of the image to use is a little tricky. The way your image displays varies for every browser (and I only tested mine using Internet Explorer and Firefox). Anyway, when you upload a background image in JPEG, the image will be top left aligned. So better put the focal design in that area to make sure it will be displayed when someone visits your Twitter page.

I dug around the free digital scrapbooking kits I've been downloading to look for a design element that looks like the Twitter bird. Here's a preview of my new Twitter background:

I used elements from Gail's Daybreak kit. You can download the kit free from her blog: Gail's Moments in Time.

I hope you all are having a great week!


Pa Ul said...

Great idea, we do all that sometimes.

Diane Writes said...

Belated Happy Valentine's day Janelle! Been looking forward for your posts. I hope this starts the much need spark and inspiration for new projects.

happy weekend too.