Tuesday, February 28, 2012

11 Things

My awesome blog friend Diane of Diane Writes tagged me in her post, and since I haven't participated in these activities for a while now, let's give it a go!

There are 11 questions I have to answer and after which I will tag 11 other blog friends to participate (when tagged, do not panic ladies, no pressure here... if you are not interested or you don't have time, I will understand).

Let the Q&A begin!


Q1: Do you have a favorite recipe? Which one?
Me: Um... errr... does this question mean my favorite recipe to make? If it does, then none. I can't cook :( But my husband does and I have a lot of favorites from his recipes like his Italian-style spaghetti which he says is inspired by a scene on one of the Godfather movies where one of the characters was cooking spaghetti (I haven't seen the movies in a long time so I can't remember the details). He cooked this for the first time after we watched the DVDs a few years ago. 

Q2: How many blogs do you follow?
 Me: 71 blogs, I just counted.

Q3: If you could be any character in a book or movie who would you be?
Me: Scarlett O' Hara! Love the movie, love the book, and love Vivien Leigh... hmmm... I think maybe I just want to be Vivien Leigh, haha.

Q4: What's your dream travel destination?
Me: Antarctica to see the Emperor penguins. Serious answer. Though it's something I will probably never get to do.

Q5: Do you have pets? Do you talk to them?
Nope, no pets. Every pet I have had, and my potted plants too, all died within a few months. Not sure why.

Q6: If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
You all remember that guy whose job is to live on a resort island, explore it and then blog about it? If it was for just one day, I want to have his job.

Q7: Is there any food that you wouldn't eat no matter what?
Me: Hmmm... I'm not an adventurous eater so there are a lot. The first things that come to mind are 'Balut' and 'Bagoong' though.

Balut: Egg with a semi-formed chick inside 0_o (Photo credit)

Q8: 3 items you would take with you if you were left alone in a deserted island.
One - lip balm (can't live without one); Two - toothpaste; Three - moisturizing sun block.

Q9: Have you ever pretended to be someone else?
I don't think so... not really.

Q10: What's your dream item to find in a thrift store?
An intricate vintage locket in good condition, or a vintage jade ring... which I already found once but didn't get to buy because my husband won't let me saying we didn't know where it came from, who owned it, etc. It looked really, really old... and really, really haunted according to my husband *rolls eyes*

Q11: Food: Mexican, Italian or Japanese?


Ok, now it's your turn!! I'm supposed to list 11 but I can't think of that many right now so I'll just list my friends and blog neighbors:

1. Divya of Jewels of Sayuri
2. Agy of Green Issues
3. Deepthi of My Art
4.  PC of Meijo's Joy
5. Ivy of Pensees and Privees
6. Hazel of The Best Things in Life Aren't Things
7. Jill of Creating My Way to Success

 Again, no pressure ladies! Have a great day! And thanks Diane for tagging me :)


Jill said...

What interesting questions and answers Janelle. I've never heard of that Balut -egg/chick thing before. There's no way I could eat one of those!!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

xingkit said...

I will have to seriously think about the answers first :)

xingkit said...

I will have to seriously think about the answers first :)

Diane Writes said...

Wow, thank you for responding :)I can eat balut pero not the chick itself. Pwede sabaw lang? :) And like mo pala si Vivien Leigh, classic beauty ang peg! :D

Wishing you a great day!

Janelle said...

Diane, yes I love her. I bought a worn-out copy of her biography and couldn't stop reading. She's so pretty! But her life sounded a little sad too.