Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Touch of Love: A Bed Time Story

I take back what I said on my last post... about my daughter not liking photos of her taken. I just remembered something while working on this layout last night: she does like getting her picture taken. but only during bed time while we're both lying on the bed, looking at photos and watching videos on my cellphone.

Elements from 'Touch of Love' kit by Scrapbrat Designs.
We have a LOT of photos like these, we take one or 2 almost every night: lying on the bed in our pajamas with our long hair both tied in a pony tail on top of our heads and me trying to take a photo of both of us using my phone. Usually, I only manage to get her on the image... I'm a little cropped out most of the time. I can't focus the phone very well with a squirming, shrieking with laughter toddler beside me trying her best to give me her best pose. 

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Diane Writes said...

Priceless happines :) Perhaps time to invest to a monopod para easier ang pag capture ng pictures kahit 2lang kayo ni andrea :)