Thursday, February 23, 2012

CSD Cool Motto Challenge for February

I'm like a regular stalker of the Coolscrapsdigital forums now. And I joined another challenge. I am having so much fun with digital scrapbooking, can you tell? :)

This new challenge is called Cool Motto challenge. We were given this quote:

"All of us need to grow continuously in our lives."
by Les Brown

And this mini-kit to work with:

The challenge is to create a layout using the quote and the mini-kit, and here is my layout:

I'm not so fond of the font I used, but I'm not really very good with designing Word Art (or clusters, for that matter) yet. Something I need to work on.

I love working on these challenges because I think my image editing skills has improved a LOT since I got into this.

Anyway, I mentioned some bad news yesterday... Well yesterday, I thought I lost my phone. It wasn't in my purse when I got to the office and it was already unattended when my friends tried calling it.  I'm not too attached to gadgets, cellphones even. My primary concern was that my phone has a lot of my daughter's photos in it and I don't feel comfortable thinking it was in the hands of some unknown person. If I did lose it, then it's gone, I will not stress about it. I was already moving on the the 'Acceptance' stage in the Stages of Coping with Loss by evening and was resigned to the thought that I need to get a new phone.

However, for some good news... it was not lost after all. My husband found it with our daughter's messy pile of toys on the bed. So all good! (though the feeling of wanting to get a new phone now will not leave me!).

Hope you are all  having a great day!


Lexi said...

See, wala naman palang bad news. Hihi. Though I can imagine how stressed that might've made you yesterday.

It's always hard when you lose something, or someone for that matter. That I know. And I'm always glad we are at least capable to keep precious memories in our minds and pleasant feelings in our hearts. That's something you can hold on to forever.

Thank you for sharing.

meijo's JOY said...

The result is absolutely awesome, dear! Love the little one picture!

Diane Writes said...

You have a field of interest Janelle and for a start, I think you are doing great. I love the pieces you are doing.

And with that cellphone incident, actually madalas din nangyayari sa akin yan :) Pero tama ka dun, more than the phone, the memories you have in the phone ang mas nakakahinayang kapag nawala. :)