Monday, October 10, 2011

Friday Photos on a Monday - Saranggani Highlands

I missed  Friday Photos last Friday and in a few hours, in another post after this one, I will tell you why. 

Today's photo is dedicated to Kelley of Kelley Highway:

I have read your email Kelley, and I haven't had a chance to reply yet. But I will in a while. And since you mentioned General Santos City in your email, I decided to post this today for you :)

This is a photo of the main building/restaurant at Saranggani Highlands. It was taken in the early evening before we left for home. The sky has already darkened and the lights were one. 

Saranggani Highlands is located somewhere around or in General Santos City in Mindanao (Southern Philippines). It's sort of an events venue and restaurant on top of a hill. This place has a garden and has a great view of mountains and fields. The food served is just so-so... nothing spectacular and a little pricey according to the locals (our friends there considered it pricey since they are charging something like P80 or $2 for a plate of fries but for me, based on prices in Manila, it seems reasonable). But seriously, you don't go there for the food... you go there for the view, and ambiance which to me was worth it.

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Diane Writes said...

OMG, ang ganda Janelle! Great photography and I'm sure mas maganda in person.