Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crocheted Flower

After my... um... success (yes!! I call it success) with my crocheted cowl from the Crochet Along at Maybe Matilda, I decided to try making a crocheted flower. I had no idea how, I had no pattern, but I just tried the different stitches until I had what looked like flowers :)

The larger one looks like a doily and this is the FIRST time I made a doily that stayed flat!! Yey! I tried crochet a long time ago, back in high school. And as I keep saying, I never really learned. They taught us crochet in our Home Economics subject back then and I have no idea how I managed to get through the crochet part. I guess my mom finished my project for me helped me with my final project which was just a doily. My doilies always ended up NOT flat. 

Anyway, back to my crocheted flower. I layered them and used a brad (got them from the scrapbooking supplies section at a book store) to attach the 2 flowers together. 

One of these days, I will try to repeat my process and document my stitches. And then I can share my pattern. 

I wanted to use this flower as a clip and pin, and before, I just added both a clip and a pin at the back. Thing is, when my daughter uses it as a clip, she ends up playing with it and I don't want her pricking herself accidentally with a pin. For this project, I added Velcro at the back of the flower. Then I took 2 small felt pieces: on one, I hot glued a clip... and on the other, I hotglued a pin. And then I glued Velcro to the back of both felt circles.

Back of the flower, 2 pieces of felt: one with the clip and one with the pin.
Now me and my daughter can use it as a clip (safe for a toddler, no risk of pricking) and I can use it as a pin too :) And I can make more flowers and re-use my clip and pin!

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Kelley said...

Okay, so that's pretty adorable! Love the layers of petals-- and ideas for the center are endless. Sooooo cute. Glad you can crochet!

Divya N said...

Janelle...give yourself more credit...they look pretty nice..esp stacked together

Diane Writes said...

Janelle, I had the same experience with crochet. My first attempt was terrible, tama ka, alam mo yung nagiging crumpled sha. At dahil sa crochet blog post mo parang gusto ko na ulit mag crochet.

Jill said...

Beautiful Janelle! And what a great idea with the velco, clip and pin!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a great week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Mandi@MandiBeingCrafty said...

I love these flowers! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great job making them up! I am super impressed!

Jami said...

Sweet flowers! Thanks for partying at the Tuesday To Do Party!

MessyMissy said...

So cute!! Now, if only I crocheted. :-) Thanks for for linking up to A Marvelous Mess.

Nappy Queen said...

LOOOOOVE your blog! i found you from the blog stalker while looking for DIY flower projects for my students.