Monday, October 31, 2011


A month ago, I was given a free copy of the digital scrapbooking sofware, My Memories Suite. Since then I have made a lot digital scrapbook pages, though I haven't shared them here. It has become one of my favorite pastimes, when I have a little time for myself but too tired to craft. And every now and then, I check out the Free Kits section of the My Memories website.

I usually create my pages from scratch, but formatting the page to look just right for me can take some time. But a few days ago, I checked the Free Kits section and saw 2 quick pages that I love. They look so vintage and I figured the pictures I scanned from my grandmother's album will go well with them.

This quick page is called 'Passionate'. Pretty isn't it? You can check out the link to download it for free. The image will work with My Memories Suite or other imaging software like Photoshop. The photo I used is of my great grandmother. The photo was taken in 1904, during her 18th birthday. This is the oldest photo my grandmother has of her mother.

This second quick page is called Autumn Rose

And that's my grandmother and grandfather. My grandfather died 4 years ago. And until now, I still find it surreal when I think that he's gone. It's like I still expect to see him there at their home when we visit our grandmother. I still miss him.

These pages gave me the idea to create a digital scrapbook of my grandmother's old photos, print them out into a photo book and give it to her for Christmas. I tried restoring one of her old photos using Photoshop a few years ago. It's one of her photos from before she got married and it's in sepia tone. I added color to it, changed the background, printed it, framed it, and gave it to her for her birthday. She loved it. I'm sure she will love the scrapbook as well. Now... I just need to find the time to create the pages (using quick pages will definitely save me a lot of time compared to  creating my own pages from scratch) and get it printed before Christmas.

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Kelley said...

Grandfather was certainly dashing. And Grandmother? What a lovely lady-- so in love, you can tell.

I have to admit, I choked up seeing both of these images. Very lovely and meaningful. My mind wanders and wonders: What were these people's lives like? I really love what you created with these.

Your daughter will do as I have done, look long, longer and even longer at these memories. She will be grateful you took the time to share them.

The excuse "I just don't have time" never does.

Because you love and you care, use these images as bedtime stories with little A'. This you will never regret.

Do not bank on being there each day, Janelle. None of us know what tomorrow holds. God forbid, some other woman plays the part of 'mother' in her life, A' will have the stories planted deep in her heart. Better yet, chronicle them with your own hand, so young eyes just learning to read will record the story with their own minds and mouths.

Mmm. I just love these! Good job, daughter, granddaughter, Mom. And thanks so much for sharing these beauties!