Thursday, July 28, 2011

My first documented UFO

UFO - Un-Finished Object. I've been reading about UFO's from Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom and I was amazed how some people are so good at finishing what they started. You see, I often start something... and when it doesn't turn out right or how I wanted it to, I lose interest in fixing it or starting over. And I move on to something new.

A month ago, I posted about this blue dress I sort of finished for Andrea. It's sort of finished, because it can be worn. I can't call it finished because, it looked a little plain and I know it can do with more... um... flair?

See?  Boring.
I got a few good suggestions from the comments section and I tried to get some more work done on the dress but with all the cleaning and preparation last week for my in-laws' arrival, all I managed to do was add some ruffles around the front part of the neckline.

The ruffles don't even extend to the back of the neckline :-/
I'm still thinking of adding a small pocket to the center of the bodice... watchatink? Can I call it done? or does it need more... flair?


Diane Writes said...

The dress for me already looks good. But an additional pocket, I think it will make it better pa. If not a pocket, perhaps another design in the pocket area.

Suzy Myers said...

Welcome to the UFO club! Ha!

The dress is already cute. The only thing I could think of was to maybe add a sash around the waist in the dark color, then make a fabric flower out of the blue fabric and sew onto the sash- maybe off towards one side if that makes sense.

Fancy or unfancy- it is still very cute!

Divya N said...

I totally get it when when u talk about ufo...I have loads of half finished pieces...reg the dress...I think its cute...and the pocket a good (reg) idea...maybe try binding the pocket mouth with the same trim fabric or what abt making fabric buttons with the trim fabric..they'll look cute under the ruffles