Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Photos - The Garden Path

Another photo taken by me:

... and edited with Photoshop within every inch of it's surface :) I wanted to make it look like a painting.

This photo was taken at a Durian farm somewhere in Southern Philippines. Somewhere in South Cotabato, I think. (So good with Geography, I am! I didn't even know where we were!) The place had several fruit trees and gardens and I took this photo of a covered path which leads to... I have no idea. It was a little dark at the end of the path and I was with my 3-year old niece at the time so we did not venture that way.

When I was looking at the photos from our trip, I didn't think this particular photo captured the beauty I saw that day. But when I started looking for photos to compile for our photo book, I saw this again and thought that the shot had some 'drama' to it and with a lot of little editing it can pass for 'artistic'. I worked on the photo in Photoshop, using Filter > Artistic > Watercolor. I love how it looks now.

NOTE: Regarding Durian by the way, I am not particularly fond of the fruit... and the smell!


Diane Writes said...

Agree ako! The picture has a dramatic element. I love gardens and shots with beautiful pathway. And while other people super love durian, my feeling is the extreme opposite hahaha!

meijo's JOY said...

Another beautiful and heart soothing shot! Good job!

Kelley said...

Love the painting, er, I mean photo!