Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Keeping it real

Last week was rainy... too rainy. Many areas were flooded last Friday and some areas are still flooded as of yesterday. Thank you for all the well-wishes. The area (or specifically the street) where I live does not flood (though the surrounding areas do). However, I was not able to visit my dad for his birthday last Sunday because he lives 3 hours away, in another city... and the provinces along the way to where he lives is severely flooded. We will be visiting this coming weekend. Hopefully, the weather will be better.

So we stayed home. I was feeling out of sorts last weekend and finally got sick yesterday. And since I wasn't feeling well... 
This is our living room. And yes, it is filled with Andrea's toys. I was too tired to pick up after her so I just let her spread everything out. And who am I kidding? This is how our living room looks like everyday I guess. Daddy and our nanny cleaned up when I took Andrea upstairs for a bath. After her bath, to keep her quiet, I let her pick her shoes. She loves shoes (I think because she just learned to put them on by herself... changing her shoes every 30 minutes is like a game to her). This is what she picked.
Yeah, she wore her boots ALL day. Good thing it was raining, the weather was cool. Knee-high boots are not very practical most days in this country.

I wasn't up to making any projects since I was sick, but I did manage to semi-finish this dress for Andrea:
I used the same pattern (traced from one of Andrea's dresses) I used for the Minnie Mouse dress. Only this time I added ruffles to the bottom. This again made from another old shirt and left over fabric from when I made boxer shorts. I really need to buy fabric. I said semi-finish because I think the dress still needs a little something. Ruffles along the sleeves area? Ruffles along the neck area? Front pocket? Watchatink? I still have a little of that fabric I used for the bottom ruffle (just a little more so I can only add small pieces).

I hope you guys had a great weekend!


Kelley said...

Soooo sorry you've been under the weather (literally).

Use your scraps to embellish th neck somehow. Ruffle? Flower? This dress is precious! I love the blue, and the contrasting ruffle really sets it off. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Q: Where do you typically buy fabric in Manila? I am at the mercy of Mega Mall.

meijo's JOY said...

Hope everything get better soon! I think adding some pockets or make into a small bags that match the dress would be nice...my girls always love dress with pockets to keep they little 'friends' when going out!

Diane Writes said...

Hello Janelle! Yes we are on the rainy season now. After months of intense heat and sunlight, we are now on for the season of cough and colds. Hope you won't catch one. :)

I love Andrea's boots, hahaha! Ang cute and very fashionista ang dating. Trench coat and a nice head dress, winner na winner si Andrea.

CAS said...

The little dress is adorable! I think I would add a little Peter Pan collar out of the black print & then maybe a little flower. Hope you feel better soon.