Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Janelle will be M-I-A

Just want to let you guys no that I will not be posting much here for the next two weeks. It's a little busy at work this week and then we're having some company at home next week. Andrea's grandma and grandpa and grand aunt will be in town :) That also means that my craft room/ Andrea's bedroom/ sometimes-guestroom will be occupied and I won't have anywhere to work so no crafting next week.

The Creating Success Around the World blog hop and interviews are still going to be posted on schedule. Be sure to check it out because I have some amazingly talented ladies lined up for the interview.

When I get back, I am doing some serious sewing because I was able to buy cute polka dot fabric and will be trying to follow a sew-along for the first time! See you when I get my craft room back! :)

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