Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Photos - Potomac River

For this Friday, let's skip to another continent.

And for a change, this photo was taken by me, not my husband.

This photo of the Potomac River was taken from the Mount Vernon grounds while we were taking the tour. I looked out the door and saw these 2 tourists on the grounds, thought it looked pretty and snapped the photo using a cheap point and shoot camera. 

Mount Vernon, the former residence of George Washington, is beautiful! Though initially the attraction for us was that it was related to the movie, National Treasure 2, haha. I hope we get a chance to go back. I'm sure we took loads of photos but for some reason, this is the only one that made it to my supposed-to-be-Photo book project. Oh wait, here is another one... again, taken by me!

I'll dig around our hard drive for some more. Hope you guys have a lovely weekend! I have guests so it's sure to be busy around our house this weekend.


meijo's JOY said...

Dear Janelle...FYI, I have just pass you a sweet pass it on and share it to the world!

Diane Writes said...

Nice shot Janelle! I haven't been outside the country and I really enjoy looking on pictures taken by my friends. My wish, sana hindi lang ako hanggang picture na lang ;-) Have a great weekend.

iram said...

beautiful place and grate pictures ,a quick reminder!i emailed you the answers to the questions you sent me
take care .

iram from