Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Photos - Corregidor

Ruins in Corregidor
Corregidor is an island located a few hours from Manila. It can be reached by ferry boats which make daily trips from a port in Bataan and a port in Manila Bay. Every inch of Corregidor's landscape tells a story. During WWII, American and Filipino troops retreated to this island during the Japanese invasion. It was their last refuge... though not much of a refuge because people on this island taking shelter in underground tunnels endured heavy bombings from the Japanese. 

After WWII, this island also bore silent witness to the massacre Moro Muslim soldiers, formed and trained for a secret mission during the Marcos regime. The Jabidah Massacre. When their mission had to abort, the President ordered all soldiers who have knowledge of the mission killed. Or so the story goes.

If you visit today, you will still see the ruins of buildings, barracks, and underground tunnels. There are also several monuments. It is also said that the entire island is haunted by the ghosts of the many soldiers and other people who died there, during the way, and after. One of the attractions is a ghost hunting activity facilitated by the hotel there if you stay over night. My husband and his officemates went, but according to them, aside from the whole island being eerily quiet at night, they did not see or feel anything unusual.


Diane Writes said...

Hi Janelle! I haven't been to Corregidor but I would love to go there too.

meijo's JOY said...

Nice...but a bit creepy a few knowing the background of the place.

Kelley said...

We love taking our guests to Corregidor! Gives us an excuse to set aside the hustle and bustle and get away there for the day.

I "feel" the sad history of that tiny island when we go. If the walls and trees could talk...

Beautiful photos, Janelle.