Friday, December 17, 2010

Clips and Pins

I had a little extra time yesterday so after I finished packing for our trip, I decided to make clips for Andrea out of fabric scraps.

ITEM 1: Fabric roses from t-shirt scraps

ITEM 2: Red velvet clips with a gold rhinestone center. These are for Andrea.

ITEM 3: Need I say this is for Andrea? It's a hair clip/pin.

For ITEM 1, I pretty much followed the instructions from Trey and Lucy except for the dimensions and the type of material. I used scraps from t-shirts I cut up. The gray one is about 3 inches in diameter and the smaller one is around 2 inches in diameter.

ITEM 2 is very simple. I used:

  • 2 3-inch strips of red velvet
  • 2 rhinestones
  • 2 clips
  • glue gun
  • needle and thread
Overlap the edges of one of the red velvet strips and sew. You should end up with a loop or velvet ribbon. Flatten, make sure the overlapped sewn edge is at the center. Gather the center and sew. Sew in the rhinestone. Attach to the clip using hot glue. Ta-dah! You're done.

ITEM 3: It's a hair clip/brooch for Andrea. This one is also very easy and perfect for dressing up hats, shirts, bags... anything you can think of that needs a blast of color.

You will need:
  • Ribbon, around 8 inches
  • Colorful satin flowers (I got mine from the scrap booking supplies section)
  • rhinestone 
  • brooch pin
  • hair clip
  • needle and thread
  • circular piece of felt with diameter around the same size as your fabric flowers
Sew the ribbon around the edges of the felt circle. Create small folds in the ribbon as you sew to create ruffles. Layer your fabric flowers and sew. Sew the rhinestone at the center. Attach the clip and pin at the back using hot glue. And you're done!

I hope my instructions made sense. I will post pictures of Andrea wearing these soon. Happy crafting!

EDITED 1/6/2011:
I posted this at Tea Rose Home's Link Party!

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