Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Extending the life of a Onesie

Andrea is almost 14 months old this month and she stopped wearing onesies at 6 months, I think. However, we still have a couple of big onesies that still fit her, though I have noticed that she is not too comfortable in them. So I decided to cut off the pants part and turn them into t-shirts.

I worked on one last night and put it on Andrea when she woke up this morning.

 Oh  is that mommy's company's logo??? Yes it is!

See I started with a red onesie I got for my niece as souvenir from Monterey Bay 2 years ago.
Errr... at the time, I didn't know she was going to be a niece. My sister was so convinced she was having a little boy so... Anyway, my niece outgrew this and gave it to Andrea. The pirate print in front is already faded so I was planning to do a reverse applique.

First things first though... I had to cut off the pants. I didn't want to hem (plain lazy, no other reason), but after I finished, I think it won't survive one cycle in the wash so I might work on it again tonight to hem the bottom. After cutting of the bottom... I started searching through my stash of old shirts and other fabric to find something I might  use as applique. We don't have a lot of red anything in the house so I ended up cutting the company logo from an old company shirt that doesn't fit me anymore. At least the company logo is red and will match the shirt.

Since I had to sew the logo behind the front of the shirt to do a reverse applique, I had to make sure the position was precise (i.e. right side up... exactly on the part of the print I wanted to remove...). It took a while but I wasn't confident enough to start sewing so I just decided to sew it over the print I wanted to cover. Harder still!!! I had a difficult time sewing curves to form the circle and the result is a really uneven circle... good thing I used black thread, it won't be so obvious :)

Here's another look at my finished shirt (not too close!! so you won't have to see how uneven my sewing was):

Bottom of the shirt not hemmed see? But I will work on that tonight. By the way, the final design of the shirt does not comply with our company's branding guidelines (you know, how the logo should appear if background color is such and such, etc). Anyway, Andrea will only be using this with her pajamas anyway so no one else except me, my husband and our nanny will be seeing much of this shirt.

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