Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Anthro-Inspired Necklace

It's been more than a year since I stopped making jewelry and since I started again recently, I realized how much I've missed it! So now, my jewelry-making is competing with my learning-how-to-sew for my time (which is uber limited as it is). And here is another jewelry post.

Anyway, I was attempting another Anthro-inspired necklace last week. I saw this in Anthropologie and thought to myself that I have the beads that look similar, and I've done something similar in the past so it should be easy:

Anthropologie - Connected Worlds Necklace
 Those glass beads that look like small disco balls... I have a necklace with beads that look similar:

Necklace I made 3 years ago
Then cut the wire from this necklace to get the beads and then I bought a yard of gray ribbon similar to the necklace. However, when I got home and looked at the photo of the Anthro necklace closer... the ribbon was ruffled! I didn't notice before. Given my sewing skills... ruffling that ribbon will take a while so I lost interest. I just decided to make a different necklace and this is what I came up with:

The other beads came from a layered necklace where the string of one layer snapped. I forgot to take a photo of the before. Anyway, I love how the smaller beads look like petals when clustered. I wish there was  more of them but I used all for this necklace.

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