Monday, December 6, 2010

For Him Boxer Shorts

Isn't this a great photo?

You might be wondering what's so great about it. Well for one... I MADE IT!! My first time to make a pair of shorts. I basically followed the steps in this tutorial from MADE except for sewing on the elastic part. According to Dana... it's supposed to be easy to make. But given my skill level... it took me a while to make this. Quite a while.With the seam ripper seeing a lot of use.

You know what's even more amazing about this project? The elastic! I was able to put in the elastic! I didn't follow the tutorial when I was putting on the elastic. I didn't just want to insert the elastic... because I was using a wide elastic and wide elastic tend to bunch and fold inside. I wanted to sew it in, like the one on the boxer shorts I was copying. And after breaking off  one needle, and almost breaking my sewing machine because of all the pulling, I did it! Sewing elastics have always been my weakest spot when it comes to sewing. Since the early 90's... I have tried, tried and TRIED so hard... and failed every time I had a sewing project at school that requires me to sew an elastic. My mom always had to come to my rescue for this part.

This is actually for my husband. He might feel a little left out since I've been working on stuff for me and Andrea for a while and none for him. Now, I'm thinking of making matching pajama shorts for Andrea and me.

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