Monday, December 13, 2010

Felt flower obsession - Part 2

I've been meaning to post this last week but Christmas time has always been busy and stressful for me and since I'm getting ready to take a 10-day vacation, I needed to finish a pile of things at work before I leave (this is me being a responsible employee ;)

Anyway, I decided to DIY some of my gifts this year. I can't DIY all... I love shopping :D I already mentioned in a previous post that I am loving felt flowers right now. I've been meaning to make some for Andrea but my to-do pile (i.e. old clothes I want to re-fashion) is getting higher and there are gifts to DIY. Maybe next year. For now, these are for her cousins:

I added a matching felt pin/clip to the shorts and top we got for one of my nieces.

Our gift for our other niece, a felt flower pin/clip and an owl brooch.

You can make your hair clips into brooches at the same time by attaching both a pin and a clip at the back (trick I learned from the ones they sell at the store).

The templates are from:

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