Monday, December 13, 2010

Bead Jewelry Post

I'm going to post all the jewelry I've been working on in one post so they don't pile up in my drafts folder.

WARNING: This post will be picture heavy and long. Read only if you're into jewelry :)

Ok, so most of these are still part of my DIY gifts... and some are for me.

A bag charm

Heart drop earrings. The heart is made of real jade.
 Agate teardrop earrings. Both beads are made of real agate and I embellished the drop bead with silver filigree.

A closer look at the filigree.
Red drop earrings I made for me.

Necklace with filigree-and-ceramic bead pendant.

Here's a closer look at the pendant.

Classic Victorian cameo necklace.

I really loved how this turned out so here's a closer look. I gave this away as a gift but I think I want one for me :)

Necklace with pearl beads, ceramic bunch of flowers and pink ribbon.
Pearls and chains necklace I made for me.

I had fun making these. I also had fun editing the photos. It reminded me of my previous business's heyday. I hope everyone's having as much fun with their Christmas preparations!

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