Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Strawberry and Blueberry Pickin'

Back in April, I briefly mentioned our attempt to go strawberry picking at the Strawberry Farm in Baguio. What I forgot to mention in that post was that I was so surprised to find out that they grow blueberries there as well. 

YES, blueberries! Here, in the Philippines!

They're a lot smaller (like a LOT smaller) than the ones you see in the US. Not sure if it's because of the soil, the breed or whatever. The ones we saw were the size if small pearls. I'm kicking at myself now for not taking a photo but that's because they spoil quickly if not refrigerated and I did mention we were on the road for 8 straight hours so we ate them immediately. Anyway, they are a lot more expensive than the strawberries even if you buy them straight from the farm. The farmer we bought them from told me they only planted a few so I guess they don't make it to the markets in Baguio City  as well (at least I've never seen them at the markets in Baguio City).

Elements from Blueberry Pickin' mini kit by Aimee Harrison
See the title of the kit? That's what reminded me of the blueberries :)

I made this layout as part of Digital Scrapbooking Studio's Featured Designer Challenge for August 16-31, 2012.

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