Wednesday, August 29, 2012

College Buddies

I'm using an Android phone and my friends have been asking me to download the Viber app and I did download it but took me about a couple of months before I actually opened the app and configured it so I can use it.

Immediately after logging in for the first time, I received a message from one of my long-time friends who moved and settled in the US. We're both married now and we both have one kid each and life sometimes gets in the way of keeping in touch. 

I decided to dig up one of our old, old photos to use in one of my layouts:

Elements from "In My Friend's Eyes Mini" kit by Studio 4 Designworks
I did say "old" didn't I? She looks the same... I don't *sigh*. We were dorm mates in college and she was also my swimming buddy and we used to go swimming every weekend. Those were the days.

I made this layout as part of Digital Scrapbooking Studio's Less is More Challenge for August.

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