Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thank you!

I started this blog as a personal blog in 2008. I don't post regularly, and when I do, it's usually about anything under the sun. Then late last year, I discovered something that inspired me to start blogging about crafts:

I discovered Disney's blog, Ruffles and Stuff. And from her blog, I found MADE, and Tea Rose Home, and a lot of other amazing blogs. They inspired me so much that 2 weeks after I found their blogs, I bought my own sewing machine... even though I didn't know how to sew!

When I first started posting my projects, it never occurred to me that I would someday be featured on other blogs. So imagine my surprise when I logged in one morning and saw this:
I almost fell off my chair. Haha! My first feature! And then I got featured on other blogs! On an otherwise stressful working day, seeing comments from other bloggers saying my project was featured suddenly makes it a great day! (like today, when I saw that Mandy from Sugar Bee featured me) Seriously. It feels good to know that someone out there appreciated something I made.

And then this one other thing... last January, I decided to add my blog to Top Blogs. They rank blogs by bloggers in the Philippines weekly based on weekly visits. I added my blog under the Arts and Crafts category and I usually rank around 25th by the end of the week before they refresh the stats. To be ranked 25th out of around 150 blogs logged under that category is great for me already. Yesterday, before I left, I was ranked 13th... and then this morning:

Ranked 10th out of around 150 in my category. This is probably the highest ranking I can get but this is definitely way higher than I thought I would ever get!

So to everyone who visits my blog, and to everyone who keeps sharing their wonderful and creative ideas online..

I hope to share more projects with you all! :)

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Megan said...

Wow! Congratulations to you! Here's to many more years of fruitful blogging.