Monday, November 15, 2010

A busy weekend... and a new toy for me!

Weekends at our house means chores. Chores pile up during the week because I leave early for work, and get home late. I only have time to play with Andrea a little in the morning when she wakes up before handing her to our nanny... and then playing with her and reading to her in the evening before she goes to sleep.

So many things to do! So little time... I had several things lined up last weekend. First, I had to go to my friend's designer to get fitted for my gown for her wedding on December (aaarrrgggh! Sorry Cecille, I didn't lose the weight I was planning to lose for your wedding... but maybe it's not too late for Marvin's wedding in January and Honey's wedding on February, I hope). And then Gingersnaps started it's annual sale! To be honest, Andrea really doesn't need more clothes for her current size. But I heard Gingersnaps sale have really, really marked down items and I love their clothes! So I wanted to get some bigger sized shirts for Andrea for later this year (hey... I like planning ahead!). And then there are chores I have to do at home. And I wanted to squeeze in a little time for a project I'm working on for my 2 best girls, Andrea and Helaena. I'll post about it when I finish. Oh... and there's Andrea! We do have a nanny, but I like taking care of her on weekends when I'm home, even if if means I don't get any rest. Oh well.

So I was able to go to the fitting... got stuck in traffic... reached the Gingersnaps warehouse only to find out they close at 4PM (aaarrrgggh!!)... decided to pass by the mall for a while before picking up Andrea from my mom's house... got stuck in traffic for an hour on a 150m stretch of road trying to reach that mall (aaaarrggghhh again!!)... took a detour to go to a different mall to get out of the traffic jam... and came home with this:

Are you ready to see this?
And... ta-dah!!!!!!!!!!!

My early birthday and Christmas present from my husband *insert big smile here*. He noticed my buying spree lately and thought I was serious about pursuing this new hobby. So he got me a sewing machine. It's a Brother BM 2600. I haven't checked online yet if it's a good brand, but it was the only brand being carried by appliance stores at nearby malls. I haven't read the manual yet so I don't know how to even turn the thing on, but I will get to it next week.

Sunday was Pacquiao's fight with Margarito so as was expected, we stayed home. With my husband glued to the TV all afternoon, and Andrea quietly playing on the floor... I was able to run upstairs to "Andrea's room" (she sleeps with us in our room so she doesn't really use it... it's more for her stuff), re-claim my old worktable which is now being used for her diapers and other bath things, and work on these based on an idea I found on Delia's blog:

I added straps across Andrea's flip flops to keep them from falling off her feet when she's walking. I was looking for orange or yellow elastic headbands but then, I saw a few yards of colored elastic at the mall... and  can you guess what color it was??? Orange! 
They were only available in green and orange and there were a few yards left. I was contemplating getting the green one as well, just in case I might need it... but I decided not to. I will probably just lose it if I keep it. Anyway, here's another one.
These is a pair of shoes I got for Helaena last year. She wasn't able to wear them much because they also keep falling off her feet. When they got small for her, my sister gave it back to me for Andrea. Now, they are her size but they keep falling off her feet too, so I decided to add straps to them as well. I was able to buy a pack of 3 elastic headbands at a supermarket for P12.50 (approx $0.25) and used that. 
Sometimes, the simplest ideas really are the best. I never thought to use headbands before I read about it in Delia's blog. Anyway, I sew the elastic directly to the leather, an idea I got from Disney's blog (I did mention I've been immersing myself in several blogs lately).

That's it for today! I found several other ideas I love from Delia's and Disney's blogs that I would love to try...  when I find the time.

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