Monday, March 28, 2011

Lights Out!

Last Saturday, the world celebrated Earth Hour.

I even made a lantern see? :) To make your own lantern, click here.

Here in the Philippines, Earth Hour is hosted every year by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). My husband works for WWF so we went to the official Earth Hour event at the SM Mall of Asia. They held a free concert outside the mall for an hour during lights out. Since it was too noisy and crowded outside for Andrea, we stayed inside the mall while daddy attended the official event outside. 

Every year, as part of WWF, my husband gets an Earth Hour shirt, male size large. I wanted Andrea to have her own Earth Hour shirt but I haven't seen anything being sold in her size. So I decided to tailor one of daddy's old shirts to fit her and we have:

Since the shirt is made of thick cotton... and since we live in a humid country... I wanted the shirt to be a little loose so it won't make Andrea uncomfortable. Also, I only had a few hours before we left for the event to make the shirt... I didn't have time to make sleeves. So this shirt was made from 2 pieces: the front and the back, sewn together. I used one of her shirts with the same fit as pattern.

And here's my little earth hour advocate rockin' it at the mall:
While they were celebrating outside, inside the mall, they turned off the lights in the halls so only the stores/stalls were lighted. One weird thing... I thought they were just supposed to turn off the lights. It seemed like they turned of the air conditioning too. It got hot in there!

Did you guys participate in Earth Hour this year? What did you do during lights out?

By the way, this year, Earth Hour's theme is to go beyond the hour. Meaning after Earth Hour, what else can you do to help save the environment. Remember, every little bit helps if everyone commits to doing something. I hope you guys had a great weekend!

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