Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunburst Disc Mirror

I've been seeing a lot of sunburst mirror projects floating around link parties and so far, I haven't seen something I didn't love! I couldn't find a plain, small, round mirror I can use to make one though. So I used what I had lying around. And this is what I came up with:

You might be wondering if those are CD's/DVD's. They're actually not. They are what you find inside a computer's hard drive when you open them up. They are approximately the size of a CD, only they are made of really shiny, really clear metal. First time I saw one, I thought the disc was really pretty. They are like small mirrors, and the image you see is way clearer than the reflection you see on a CD or DVD.

So why do I have a lot of them? You see a while back... a tragic thing happened... our external hard drive malfunctioned and I lost a ton of pictures and other stuff. After we were sure it was a lost cause, my husband opened it up and that was the first time I saw one of these silver metal discs. Then a few months ago, my husband's office got rid of their old equipment which includes several old desktop computers. Before they sold everything to the junk shop, my husband took out the silver discs from inside the hard drives and brought them home
If you have husbands who collect junk errr... old desktop computers, maybe you can convince them to pry the hard drive open so you can see it. DO NOT EVER, EVER TRY ON A COMPUTER YOU ARE STILL USING! 

So anyway, for this project I used:
  • 13 of those silver metal discs, one is slightly bigger than the others... I don't know why. And I don't know if they come in any other sizes. I used the slightly bigger one for the center.
  • 6 pairs of disposable chopsticks :)
  • White paint
  • Super Glue
Step 1: Paint the chopsticks white. Wait for them to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Take your center disc and glue the the chopsticks around it. Make sure that the distances between chopsticks look even.

Step 3: Glue the other end of each chopstick to one disc. Wait for the glue to dry completely.

You can also use this idea as a kid craft using cheap blank CD's or DVD's.

I did a little research and I found out that those discs are called 'platters'. You can google for images online. Use 'platters inside hard drive' or 'what is inside a hard drive' to search. You can see plenty of pictures to better appreciate how pretty they are.

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southernscraps said...


-Kelsey said...

looks great!! who would have know abut the hard drive, not me!

Karen said...

will have to get my husband to buy a ton of computers.... great idea! I've been looking at those sunburst mirrors for a long time now too, but still haven't made one!

Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

Those platters really shine compare to cds or dvds...

Looks great!

Jill said...

Ohh what a lovely idea! I have a heap of old CD's I can use to try this! Maybe not as shiny as the hard drive bitties, but probably better than dismantling our computer!!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a great weekend!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Dominique @ Craft Couture said...

Thanks for linking up!

Kristina said...

Oh my goodness! I worked as a hardware engineer for awhile and used old parts for crafts all the time! Hard drive parts are the best!

My boyfriend has a bazillion and I'm always trying to use them! :) He is a bit of a computer part hoarder; good to know I'm not alone!

I'm glad to have found your blog! :) I'm a new follower!

Michelle @ The Lazy Novice Crafter said...

I love this project and I'm going to pin it on Pinterest to try it myself.

I just wrote about you on my blog, and awarded you The Versatile Blogger award.


(I couldn't decide which project I love more, this or your swooping loop bow earrings!)

Kids craft ideas said...

Great tutorial. Love it, thanks for sharing