Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weekend Wedding and Satin-and-Tulle Flower Clips

I didn't get to do much crafting (or much of anything!) last weekend, because we attended a wedding. A classmate from high school had her church wedding in the province where I grew up. It was a 3-hour drive just to get there, so we went Friday night and stayed with my dad for the night. Tiring as it was, it was all worth it. Wanna know why?

Flower girl again! She's so pretty, and so well-behaved and she walked down the aisle (with a little help from mommy) with no fuss. Super proud mommy moment! :) That's my hand holding hers. I had to crop myself out of the photo because I was smiling so much.

Anyway... here's me before the ceremony started:
Notice the clip? I made it Thursday night to match the dress I wore for the wedding. I didn't get to take a proper picture of it because...

Here's a better view of the flower clip (minus one pearl bead, tsk tsk tsk), as worn by Andrea.
...Andrea wore it on Sunday to go to the mall and visit my family at my mom's afterward. My sister saw it and laid claim to it... hounding Andrea the entire time, trying to snatch the clip from her head. Andrea defended it well by screaming at my sister every time she tried to reach for it. But since my sister wanted it so much, I decided to give it to her anyway.

But Andrea likes big flower hair clips lately. When she sees one lying around the house, she would take it and try to put it on her hair by herself. So cute! She can't do it herself yet though. Anyway, so I made this one for her instead:
I'm not as happy with it as the first one so I will probably make another one soon and share the tutorial with you all. Stay tuned!


Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

This is lovely! I would love to see a tutorial on it!


Janelle said...

thanks for the comment Kara! I totally forgot that I haven't posted a tutorial for this yet. I'll post it by next week. Thanks again! :)