Friday, March 11, 2011

What's New? and a Featured Blog!

I finally learned how to make a button for my blog!

Check it out on my right panel. It's not yet perfect I know, but it's a good first try (and I only had around 10 minutes of Photoshop time available yesterday). I'll work on it more when I find the time.

Another not-so-new thing... this has been on my blog for 2 weeks already... I added new pages: About Me, Contact, and a Features page.

And a few days ago, I got my first email on the email address I provided on my Contact page! The email was from Karen of I ♥ Crafts - Manila... she's from Manila! I've been checking out craft blogs for a while now and so far, I haven't seen a 'craft' blog yet that's not about digital art based in the Philippines. Karen can totally relate to my angst about not having too many sources for craft supplies here.

From our email exchange, I learned that Karen teaches arts and crafts to kids here in Manila and she posts pictures of their projects on her blog. My favorite is this project about Egyptian pillows. Can you believe 10-year-olds made that? So go check out her blog for great project ideas for kids!

Click image to visit I ♥ Crafts

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I Love Crafts said...

Thanks Janelle! I think your button is great! Is till ahv to sit down and fiure out how to make one!