Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busted Hard Drive

I should be working on something since I promised someone something by the end of this day. Unfortunately, my mind keeps wandering and dwelling on the issue of our busted external hard drive (while Joshua Kadison's Beautiful in my Eyes keeps playing over and over in my head).

(sudden wave of panic)

I used to back up my digital photos in CD's and DVD's. However, starting 2008, when I discovered that one of the CD's can not be played by our laptop anymore, I started backing up my files in an external hard drive. Going down one more notch on the stupidity meter, I don't even keep recent photos in the laptop anymore. Everything goes straight to the external hard drive with no other back-up.

And since we're talking about stupidity here, let me add something more. Most of my old photos from the late 90's and early 2000 used to be stored in Yahoo! Photos, which were later migrated to Flickr. Since I didn't like Flickr, I downloaded everything and... you guessed it, I saved everything in that external hard drive AND deleted everything from Flickr.

I still have the CD back-ups of everything up to December 2007 (except for the old photos from Flickr). Now, I'm missing all of 2008 - 1H of 2009, all photos related to my business (Designs by Janelle), my entire music collection... and I can't bear to think of what else is in there.


Anonymous said...

what happened to your hardrive? did u dropped it or deleted the contents accidentally?

Janelle said...

It makes scratching noises when you plug it to the USB port and it can't be read by the PC anymore.

I'm not sure it if was dropped. We leave on a table with the laptop so if the househelp did drop it accidentally, I'm sure she will never admit to it.