Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pretty Little Crocheted Dresses - Sylvanian Families Edition

Cold weather, like we have been experiencing lately, always inspires me to crochet. Anything made with yarn is usually too hot to wear in weather like ours but it has been unusually cold lately. However, making anything for me takes time... and summer is coming. And I know that when summer comes, all thoughts of crochet usually melts with the heat. So, I focused on making small-scale stuff. And when I say small, I do mean small

Rompers for Freya and the Dingles' little girl (does she have a name?)

Dresses for Sybil and daughter Stephanie
I don't like the original dresses that came with Clearwater women. You can check them out in this post. So it was high priority for me to make new ones for them because... well, someone special is coming home soon ;)

A new dress for Delia Doughty
I got Delia Doughty second hand. She came with the Kindergarten Music school that I bought online.When we got her, her original dress, especially the apron part, was looking very worn. Her dress took the longest to make, as it was also my first attempt and I was not using a pattern. I was doing trial-and-error, fitting-fitting-fitting and more fitting, before I managed to complete it. 

The dresses are supposed to go with accessories, but I haven't had time to make the accessories. I hope I find the time soon to make shoes and other accessories to go with their new outfits. 


Divya N said...

Wow the dresses look really great..you must have a lot of patience to crochet such small stuff

Laura Zuniga said...

Do you share the pattern?