Friday, January 31, 2014

More friends!

More of our friends just arrived!

Meet the Persis Persian Cat Family. There is Father Septimus, Mother Salome, Brother Nolly, and Sister Sadie.

Meet the Cottontail Rabbit Family. We have Father Aaron, Mother Sorrel, Brother Gromwell, Sister Willow, Twins Comfrey and Angelica, and an extra baby without a name yet. 

And here we have some school kids. I haven't asked their names yet. But we have 2 Chiffon puppies, and one Silk kitten. 

Time to let them get ready for their welcome party!

(NOTE: the party post will not happen for a few weeks probably... Aaarrrghhh! We have house guests and I can't set up my little houses while they are here).

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