Friday, December 13, 2013

Toy Store Sales - Part 2

Meet the Barker family (aka the Golden Labrador family).

That's daddy Jerry, brother Tarquin, sister Jocasta, and mommy Margo.*

"Jerry Barker is the tour guide of Sylvania. He takes visitors to all the points of interest around Sylvania and regales them with information about buildings and their origins, historical events and old customs. 

Margo Barker runs the well organised Tourist Information Office. The walls of Margo's office are full of posters and maps and she has leaflets full of details about everything that is happening in Sylvania. 

Brother Tarquin Barker does everything at a sedate pace, he never runs or rushes around. If he could, he would spend all day, every day reading a book in front of the warm open fire in the family front room. 

Sister Jocasta Barker, unlike her brother is full of energy, rushing hither and thither like a mad thing. Give her a ball and she will play for hours in the garden even if there is no one else to play ball with!"

Mommy Margo and Jocasta are workin' some cool threads don't you think? Among all my Sylvanian characters, I love Jocasta's clothes the most.

Meet more of my friends, the Henry Lloyd family (aka the Chocolate Dalmatian family).

From left: Brother Zac, Daddy Ben, Mommy Pippa, Sister Sarah
"Father Ben Henry-Lloyd is a great sailor and fisherman. He started sailing with his parents when he was a boy and now he has mastered all kinds of watersports. His wife Pippa knows that he will spend morning, noon and night messing about on boats! If he can be persuaded onto dry land then he likes to play cricket!!! 

Mother Pippa Henry-Lloyd also learned how to sail with her parents. She enjoys boating and sailing competitions and has taught her children that teamwork on board is essential so that they will all become very competent sailors. If Pippa has time to relax then she likes to cycle along the riverbank enjoying the views. 

Brother Zac Henry-Lloyd is very enthusiastic about rowing and also about music, as well as being an accomplished sailor. He finds it hard to fit in all the practising required to master all his hobbies, if only he could play a saxophone and row a boat at the same time, now that would be very handy! 

Sister Sarah Henry-Lloyd is very competitive and well organised. She enjoys regattas in the summer, in particular she enjoys the evening parties after the races are finished and the social side takes over. She loves to get dressed up and chat to her friends about the day's events."

And then there are the Clearwaters (aka the Vole family).

Mommy Sybil and daughter Stephanie.
Daddy Spencer is working overseas (i.e. I haven't bought him yet) as a dentist and was not available when we took photos.

"Sybil Clearwater is an expert needlewoman who spends many a happy hour teaching her daughter Stephanie the art of sewing.

Stephanie loves using her mother's sewing machine more than stitching her creations by hand, it's quicker and you don't prick your thumb! Sybil enjoys embroidery as she finds it very relaxing and it can be done whilst listening to the radio."

NOTE: All items are from the Flair items sale at the Sylvanian section of Toys R' Us Rockwell a few weeks ago. All descriptions were copied from the Sylvanian City.

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