Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to School

It's back to school for us, and Andi's little friends too.

Andi said that the little bear is her. That's her favorite.

I got the Kindergarten Music School set from from a very nice seller, tesl. The set came with the school, the school bus, the Chiffon Dog mother, and 4 babies. Great deal huh? The price wasn't so bad either... just a little over the price of a brand new school bus if you buy it at the mall :) The other babies I bought brand new from the mall.

Now I wish the going back to school part for Andi was just as happy and scenic as it was for her friends but no... she didn't want to go back. She threw a tantrum as I was about to leave her at school... complete with screaming, lying on the floor and kicking. It's the same old scene we go through everytime she has to go back to school after a long vacation. 

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