Monday, January 27, 2014

Beautiful Things from Sayuri - Part 2

The photos took a while as I discovered our DSLR is not working. *sigh* I know it probably only needs a maintenance trip to Canon but one part of me thinks I need a new camera. 

Anyway, let's take a peek at my package, shall we?


A very pretty pink flower ring. My favorite in the package!

Delicate lace earrings. I love the rhinestone dangle in this one. 

Vintage necklace. I love the brass-toned pendant with a picture of flowers in the middle.
There is another item in the package, a bookmark.. which I think is way too pretty to be a bookmark :) I had to buy a beautiful book to match a bookmark that pretty before I dare take a photo. 

My favorite color has always been pink. 

What? Really? You didn't know that? Well it is. So I LOVE that there are a lot of pink elements in my accessories. Thank you so much again Divya and congratulations again on your blog's anniversary. Looking forward to more years of your beautiful inspiration.


Divya N said...

Thanks for Posting...enjoy them

Diane Writes said...

Dahil nagbblog ka na ulit.. BILI NA NG BAGONG CAMERA hihihihi