Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Decorative Thumbtack Christmas Ball

Finally! A craft project (albeit a very simple one).

So while I was stuck at home suffering from food poisoning yesterday (sigh... long story), I managed to finish my gold Christmas ball.

Here it is, sitting on top of the vase I "borrowed" indefinitely from my grandmother. I used EXACTLY 600 thumbtacks for this project. I know because, each box contains 100 tacks and I used 6 boxes.So the finished ball is a little heavy.

I used to see this project a lot around blog land a few months ago. There is a tutorial for this over at Landee See, Landee Do. I have to admire those who did more than one... this takes patience! Imagine carefully tacking each thumbtack 600 times! Though I guess others used smaller styrofoam balls.

Here's a photo of the ball while it was still in progress.
After I finished... er... I actually didn't know what to do with it. I initially wanted to stick a fabric poinsettia flower on top of the ball but it wasn't looking quite right (and it messes with the balance of the ball) so I scrapped the idea and covered the entire styrofoam ball with thumb tacks.

For now, I added it to my little ensemble on top of the shoe cabinet on our entryway.

I have some more Christmas DIY items on my list and maybe I'll find another place for it soon (sometime before Christmas, I hope).

Next on my list: WREATH! Stay tuned!


Diane Writes said...

Wow, it's a golden Christmas in your home Janelle. I hope you are ok now. You know naman, every Christmas bawal magkasakit :)

Agy said...

Wow ,that's a lot of thumbtacks but worth it cos the Christmas ball looks lovely!

Jill said...

Oh my goodness - 600 tacks!!! That's insane!! It does look fabulous though! Hope you've fully recovered from your food poisoning!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

meijo's JOY said...

Wow! You just turn your patience into a golden ball!