Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Errr... I'm calling this a UFO

You might have noticed the lack of project posts. Well... at least someone did. Last Friday I received a very sweet email from PC of Meijo's Joy asking how I was and that she hoped everything was ok since she hasn't seen me around blogland lately. I was so touched by her email :) 

One of our many before bedtime photos. 
So as I told PC, everything is ok here. No worries. My daughter is just going through an "I-want-mommy-only" phase. She doesn't want her nanny.... she doesn't want her Daddy... she just wants Mommy. It's really cute and adorable but that also means I can no longer "escape" to my sewing/craft room for a couple of hours on weekends. I tried around 2 weeks ago, when she took her nap, but when she opened her eyes and saw that Mommy wasn't there by her side, she gave the most heart-wrenching cry of despair that had me running back to her. Evenings are like this too. I would put her to bed and wait until I'm sure she's sleeping and leave the room, like I used to do before. But lately, she seems to sense when I leave because a few minutes after, I'd look up from my sewing machine and I see her the doorway with a cute little frown and a scolding "Mommy!".

I won't even tell you what it's like every time she's already awake in the morning and I have to leave for work. It makes mg feelktoo guilty.

So if you have kids... do tell me... do they outgrow this stage on their own? Or do I have to do something to make her like Daddy the same way so he can share some of the load (like load... literally... when we're at the mall or anywhere outside  and she's tired and doesn't want her stroller, I have the sole privilege of carrying all 27lbs of her for hours).

Ok now that that's out... let's go back to my... errr... UFO - Un-Finished Object. A few weeks ago, I posted a few dresses I like for Andrea that I saw at the mall.

That dress on the lower right... no that's not my UFO. That dress I bought. Yeah, shame on me for buying and not personally making one for my daughter. I really was planning to make one but looking at the dress more, I realized a couple of things: I don't know how to make a collar and I don't know how to make a tie. And at my skill level, those seem like a lot of pieces I have to sew together and I was sure I won't be able to make one as nice. So back to the mall I went, ecstatic when I found the dress still available, and bought it. And last weekend, Andrea got to wear it. She looks like such an adorable school-girl wannabe!

Photo was taken while we were walking back to our car from a kids party we attended. It was already dark and I was only sing;my phone.

Let's go back to my inspiration photo and my UFO. That peasant dress on the upper left... that's the inspiration for my UFO. And I didn't make it for my daughter... this UFO is for me! ;) 

I made it shorter because I was planning to wear it with jeans. I don't wear dresses or skirts much. I soon realized this project was a little too ambitious for me. I didn't have a pattern... I drew one from scratch using my measurements. And I wasn't following a tutorial. I was completely winging it. I knew a shapeless top will not work for me I decided to add a band under the chest.  And I didn't want the sleeves to gather so much.

Here's a detailed look at the neckline and the bib. I should have made the bib part longer. And I should have ironed it before I took a close-up photo. My bad.

And here's the details of the sleeves. Here is where it becomes a UFO. I was trying to copy my inspiration dress so I used the same white fabric on the sleeves that I used for the bib. After I finished though, I think it would look better (and more like something I can wear) if I just use the same fabric I used on the dress for the sleeves too. So right now, I'm working up the willpower to get that seam ripper and rip those sleeves off and put on a new one.

I tried it on and the band below the chest is a little loose. I am still thinking if I want to rip that out too and adjust it. Or go the lazy-me way and leave it as is and just use a wide belt.

Will I be able to wear this in public? I actually already did. When we went to the mall last weekend. I figured, with all those people around, no one looks at you closely anyway so might as well :)

Hope you all had a great weekend and don't forget to check back again tomorrow for our Creating Success Around the World blog hop!

Hope to see you there! :)

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Diane Writes said...

I love your "UFO" if that's how you want to call it :) It comes in color blue which is my super favorite color and the design of the fabric is super nice. Pairing it with color white is the best too. Nag-stand out un beauty ng fabric.

Kapag malaki na si Andrea, wish ko sana maging inclined din siya sa arts and crafts. Para on your future posts, mommy and daughter craft making na. :) Mas unique and exciting. Although siyempre ang gusto pa din ni Andrea ang masusunod. Whatever she wants to be, yung ang masusunod. Ang sure thing lang is mommy will always be there to support! Mommy will continue to make art from heart crafts for Andrea :) Ang cheesy ko na hahaha!

Janelle said...

@Diane Writes

Hi Dianne! So far the only artsy thing we do together is "Feet ni mommy and feet ni Andi!" (English translation: mommy's feet and Andi's feet!) which is basically tracing our feet with crayons on a piece of paper laid on the floor while she giggles and says "Feet ni mommy and feet ni Andi!". And please note... it has to be mommy's foot. Daddy's foot not good enough :-/

Daffy's Dream said...

wow! that's very cute photo of mom and daughter. Even I struggle through the same phase most of the time with my son. I'm happy to hear from you that - I'm not the only mother - every mother go through this phase.
I just love the way you call UFO very interesting. I like the blue and white combo. I believe that's a pretty good try and it look very good on you. And the best is the wide belt. Will come back to me your new UFO....:-)