Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ugly Top to Girly Tank

Another refashion project! Didn't I say last weekend last week was productive? Not this past weekend... the one before this one.*sigh* How often can I get a weekend like that I wonder? This past weekend was just... tiring.

Anyway... so here's what I had to work with:
Except for the fact that it's all wrinkled from being in my pile of clothes for disposal for a while... it doesn't look too bad in the photo... so let me give you this so you can appreciate it in all it's ugliness:
Shapeless blob that adds like 20lbs to my frame. And if you're really curious... yes, I actually wore this :-/ IN PUBLIC! Aarrgh!! See... every now and then, my morale dips to ground-level and when it does, I should really not be allowed to shop because I end up buying the ugliest clothes. This one for example. It was after I had a baby and I gained a lot of weight (still not back to pre-pregnancy weight by the way) and I wasn't feeling too good about myself and I guess it reflects on my fashion choices.

Moving on...

I told you I wore this right? What I haven't told you yet is... I wore it a lot ...eeeeep!

Sewn creases at the back almost tearing... I must have been that big back then :(
Another sign of wear.
Ok, that said... the top part is mostly not usable anymore because most of the decorative creases are there. So first... I cut the whole top off:
Since this is a really big top, I had enough fabric left from the bottom half. I  initially wanted to make a skirt. But after hemming, I will be left with a really short skirt and I don't do short skirts. So I decided to try for a simple tank instead.

I cut the sides for half of the armhole and hemmed the raw edges. And then from the sleeves, I cut 2 15 inch by 2.5 inches for the strap. I hemmed all sides of both 15"x2" strips and sewed them on the bottom half to where I think the straps should be (not a seamstress so I don't know if there was a science to that... you know... where to place the straps)... w

When I tried it on... several things were wrong... the straps were too far apart and the bodice was too wide. I was too lazy to remove the straps so I made pleats along the top of the blouse to bring the 2 straps closer together. Don't know what I'm talking about? Maybe this picture will help you visualize what I did:
There... see the folds along the neckline? Those aren't there for aesthetics... those are there because I needed a workaround :)
The tank is almost done. I just needed to take in both sides about 1 inch to make it fit me. Then I added a little trim along the neckline to hide my uneven sewing when I attached the sleeves.


...worn with a gray jacket and my denim corsage. Or by itself, for summer:
Sorry, blurry photo... I can't get the lighting in this area of my house, or the setting in my camera just right.


Agi said...

That came out really cute! Love the little flower trim you used :)

House Revivals said...

This make-over turned out really cute! So much more flattering, now!

Janelle said...

thank you! it's something I can wear without cringing now, haha! Thanks for visiting!